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AHSA is a professional organization for education employees of TEA Service Region IV who are dedicated to developing and advancing school leaders that can help better the lives of students we serve. Additionally, AHSA has adopted philanthropy of supporting rising school leaders and donates upto $35,0000 in scholarships to individuals pursuing a career in education. Since our inception, AHSA has given over a half-million dollars to this cause and continues to award more scholarships each year.

The focus of AHSA is not only to support and develop more school leaders for Houston Area Hispanic Community, but to create a network of individuals who can share their skills and experience with one another. Attempting to pave the road for future generations, our efforts include mentorship, professional development, and networking events. Through our professional development and networking events, members have the opportunity to share resources and learn from each other while supporting Houston area graduates who aim to pursue a field in education.

AHSA Scholarship Fund Mission:

It is the mission of the Association of Hispanic School Administrators Scholarship Fund to promote the interests of Houston Independent School District students by providing financial and educational opportunities to become effective and successful instructional leaders in the school district. 

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